Focusing on global sustainable development, CRAFT SOLAR take the mission of promoting photovoltaic parity on the Internet and popularizing green energy as our mission, providing total solutions from photovoltaic products to photovoltaic applications, constantly innovating, leading the progress of the photovoltaic industry, and using solar energy to benefit all mankind.
As of 2020, the company's cumulative shipments of components exceeded 100MW,we are deploying downstream ecological chains globally to provide customers with one-stop system integration solutions for development, financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance. Currently, we are moving towards photovoltaic smart energy and energy internet solution providers.
>100 Served customers
>9 year

Help customers save costs

As one of the early Chinese companies that entered the photovoltaic industry, we have maintained stable financial and company operating conditions.
CRAFT SOLAR are located in China and can provide customers with high-quality and low-cost photovoltaic products, and we are honest and kind, aiming to provide customers with the best service. Working with us is a wise choice for long-term investment.

Global Marketing

We started in China and have now expanded our business globally. Through years of cooperation, the company has established good cooperative relations with customers all over the world.